Gymnast on rope

General Gymnastics

Our general gymnastics classes cater for children aged 4 years and above (those under 4 will follow our preschool programme). Along with learning the fundamental gymnastics skills, children will develop their coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and endurance, providing a good foundation for any type of sport or exercise.

Our general gym programmes are delivered seven days a week in weekly lessons to ensure children build their skills progressively and with increasing confidence.

Children within our general gymnastics section will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in our internal club competitions run twice yearly, summer and Christmas. Although the emphasis is on participation rather than result, there are always prizes to be won! Our older gymnasts also have the opportunity to compete in our inter-club competition usually during the November of each year.

Our General Gymnastics classes are structured according to age. We do take children aged 3 into our after school classes however they follow our preschool programme. The ability of each child is also taken into consideration and so groups and classes are planned accordingly. Those that show the necessary attributes for competitive gymnastics will be invited into one of our Squad groups.