Area prep levels

Area Preparation Levels and 5,6& 7 year olds competition 2014


On the 14th December our club entered our annual area competition for 5-8 year olds. The competition this year was split and consisted of the 5,6&7 year olds competition and then the preparation levels. There were lots of medals, ribbons and trophies won and of course lots of happy faces. The results were as follows:

5 year olds

Mabli overall 5th, 6th on vault, bars and floor, 1st on bench and 4th on range.

Gwen 6th on range.

6 year olds

Team 2nd!

Overall: Pollyanna 1st, Hannah 2nd.

Vault: Eleri 6th

Bars: Hannah 4th, Pollyanna 2nd

Beam: joint 6th Bella and Pollyanna, Lilly 2nd, Hannah 1st

Floor: Pollyanna 2nd, Hannah 1st

Range: Hannah 4th, Pollyanna 3rd

7 year olds

Team 2nd!

Vault: Olivia 6th, Menna 5th, Grace 3rd

Bars: Nel 5th

Beam: Olivia and Nel joint 6th

Floor: Olivia 6th, Nel 3rd

Range: Menna 4th

Preparation Level 6

Team champions!

Overall: Isabel 1st, Maisie 5th

Vault: Isabel 6th, Amy 5th, Nia 3rd

Bars: Nia 6th, Isabel 1st

Beam: Maisie 3rd, Isabel 1st

Floor: Amy 6th, Maisie 4th, Isabel 3rd

Range: Nia 5th, Maisie 3rd, Isabel 1st

Preparation Level 5

Overall: Mali 1st

Vault: Shayla 5th, Katie 4th, Poppy 3rd, Mali 1st

Bars: Shayla 5th, Mali 3rd, Poppy 2nd, Katie 1st

Beam: Mali 1st

Floor: Shayla 5th, Mali and Katie joint 3rd, Poppy 1st

Range: Shayla 5th, Mali 4th, Poppy 3rd, Katie 1st

Well done girls and coaches.